Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color Test... I think that's a "Fail"

First picture is the test termagant, sprayed in a cream base coat, on the left side I used "Electric Blue" and on the right "Magic Blue".  I wasn't worried too much about coverage or cleanlyness.  I wanted to see how the new primer/base coat took the dip, what the dip would do to the model, and what would interact with the blue.

Second picture is about 2 hours after the dip in the "Mustard" wood stain. 

Not quite sure if it comes through in the pictures - but the new basecoat/primer... sucks.  The stain doesn't flow the same - could be the temperature outside, could be the moisture in the air, could be that the can of spray paint primer and base coat doesn't do what normal primer and paint does.

I'm kinda liking the yellow spots on the blue armor plates.  It wasn't expected, but it does look kinda cool.  I will probably do some thinning of the varnish before the next test.  This time round, I think I'll stick with the paint choices I'm used to using...

Meanwhile, this termagaunt's going back in the vat for some cleaning.


  1. How very tyranid of you to dump your failed experiments back in the vat for recycling. The yellow looks pretty good over the blue, I'm surprised. What primer did you use?

  2. http://www.krylon.com/products/dual_paint_primer - in this case, in "ivory".