Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pictures so big... it takes two

Ok, so top picture is my painting/building/hobby desk (that the wife uses just about as often as I do), bottom picture is one of those cool Micheal's $10 trays that I use to move/store/build things with when I can't use my desk.

I've got a little bit more than 2000 points here, depending on wargear - and assuming I can use 2 Force Org Charts (I've got 4 Elites).  The army I'm building/playing/painting for the escalation league is 1999 points using the following.  I've also got an extra Lictor...

  • Hive Tyrant - Lash Whip & Bone Sword, TL Devourer w/Brainleech, Regeneration, Armored Shell, Hive Commander (in metal)
  • 3 Tyrant Guard - Scything Talons and Rending Claws (2 in metal, one resin)
  • Tyranid Prime - Lash Whip & Bone Sword, Scything Talons (plastic warrior with resin weapons from the TG blister)
  • 3 Hive Guard (resin)
  • Doom of Malan'tai in Mycetic Spore (2nd ed metal zoanthrope and the armorcast pod)
  • 8 Ymgarl Genestealers (6 Chapterhouse heads, 2 plastic "Zoidberg" heads
  • 12 Hormagaunts
  • 5 Tyranid Warriors - 4 Devourers, 1 Barbed Stranger - all with Scything Talons
  • 23 Termagants - Fleshboarers
  • Tervigon
  • 10 Termagants in Mycetic Spore - Devourers
  • 4 Ripper Swarms - Tunnel Swarm
  • 10 Gargoyles
  • Mawloc - Regeneration and Toxin Sacs
  • 3 40mm Objective Markers
I want to build a Mawloc template (just for fun).  I've got an extra of the Dragonforge bases and I'm going to build up a bitz'd head  of a Mawloc breaking through.

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