Sunday, March 20, 2011

Game 1 - Orks vs. Space Marines led by Khan

The mission was called "The Longest Day".  20" wide deployment zones playing long wise with a gun emplacement.  There were 4 different objectives -
  • Break Through - fastest unit off the players edge (6pts)
  • Seize the building - chosen unit has to claim a building in the enemy zone (5pts)
  • Seize the Emplacement - do I really need to describe it? (5pts)
  • Win the Day - Victory Points (4pts)

Here's a picture from about his second turn.  The bikes continued to roll up my close side and steamroll over his marines.  I got all the objectives and he seized my emplacement on his turn 5 with some attack bikes.  Here's another picture from the middle of the battle.

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