Saturday, March 19, 2011

I broke the first rule of Tournaments...

For those of you playing along at home.  It's kinda like the rules for Fight Club.  Only, you know, geekier.

Right -
The First Rule of Tournaments is "Sit Down."
The Second Rule of Tournaments is "Drink Water."
The Third Rule of Tournaments is "Sit Down and Drink Water."

Yeah.  I broke the first rule and my back is killing me.  Played a 1650 point (I know, I know) tournament.  It consisted of Wazdakka, my Mek with his stuff, 6 bikes plus power klaw nob, 5 bikes plus power klaw nob, 5 bikes plus 'uge choppa nob, 5 bikes plus 'uga choppa nob, 11 'ard boyz with power klaw nob in a trukk, 3 deff koptas with TL rokkits, 2 deff koptas with TL big shootas (one big bomm), and 10 stormboyz plus nob with 'uge choppa.  As seen pictured here:

The tournament was a reasonably low marine count.  It was 2 Orks, Tau, Necron, 2 Marines, Chaos, and one other... maybe it was a Marine... maybe not.  Anyway, we played some strange missions that were written for Da Big Waagh (again).  I'll post the games and write ups later this weekend.

Real quick like - I beat marines 20 to 5, squeaked past the Tau 5 to 4, and slaughtered Chaos 15 to 4.  Winning the tournament.

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