Monday, March 21, 2011

Game 3 - Ork Beatdown of Chaos

Dr. Strangewaaagh.  This one had a strange deployment zone.  So, lemme get through it before you ask any questions.  Divide the table into six 2' by 2' squares, number them 1 through s6 - one player rolls dice till he get's three different numbers.  Those three squares are then his deployment zones.  The other player get's the the other three.  Each player then chooses a building in one of his deployment zone squares, and each also layout 2 objective markers (mine shafts).

We Must Now Allow a Mine Shaft Gap! - control of the objectives (6pts)
Kill Major Kong - get your highest point unit killed by the enemy (5pts)
I can no longer sit communist... bodily fluids. - Kill points (If you've seen Dr. Strangelove that will make more sense) (5pts)
Air Force Base - control enemy's building (4 pts)

From my side of the table - I had the center 2 squares and the far left square.  My opponent had the far right 2 and close left.  He won the roll for first turn and setup his entire army along the right flank.  I then setup about 18" away from him with a few things, further for most of my stuff and proceeded to steal the initiative.  It went down hill for him from there.

This is from the assault phase of my first turn.  In the bottom corner just out of frame is Wazdakka running the defiliers on the ground through with his power klaw.  The one on top took a few more turns of shooting by the bikers to kill.  The 'Ard Boyz charging his daemon prince in the little building was my suicide squad.  I failed to get them all killed (my nob was running around at the end of the game (over near where the other DP is) with one wound on him.

Right, so looking at the picture - his army was the two daemon princes with lash and wings, 2 5 man units of plague marines with 2 plasma guns in the rhinos, a 7 man squad of 'zerkers with a PF asp champ in the land raider (borrowed from)  a three man terminator squad who haven't deep struck yet, and 3 squads of 2 obliterators.

I washed over him like a green tide.  The bikes in the top center came up and around to wipe out the black DP.  Wazdakka cleaned up the oblits on the ground, swung around to finish off the closer rhino.  Two squads of bikes in the middle went straight down the center, and the storm boyz took care of oblits on the wall on the far side as well as the terminators who deep struck in on turn 3 a few inches to the right of where my deff koptas are in the picture.

So, yeah.  The game lasted 4 turns... I wiped him off the table to the loss of one complete unit of bikes, a deff kopta, 11 'ard boyz, and like 7 or 8 more bikes from various squads.  I actually lost 4 bikers to failing dangerous terrain tests...

My dice were on fire, and I caught him flat footed by stealing the initiative.  He did forget to move his second turn, but really - it wouldn't have done anything - just delayed it.

The only objective I didn't get was getting my stuff killed.  :)

Prize goes to me with 40 points for the day.  Second place was 25 points (my second game Tau) with 25 points.  Should I feel bad for beating face so badly?  :)

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  1. Should you feel bad? The real question is WILL you feel bad?

    (yes and I'm guessing no, respectively)