Sunday, March 20, 2011

Game 2 - Slugfest vs. Tau

Army of 'Ardness.  12" deployment zone with three objectives down the center line.  One building in your DZ is your building.  Highest point unit is put in reserve till turn 4, and 1 non-vehicle HQ is your "Ash".  (Can you see the theme yet?).
  • Seize the Objectives - only one of the three objectives is the actual - don't know till the end of the game. (6pts)
  • The Keep is Ours - If you hold both keeps... (5pts)
  • You're Leading two things, Jack and ... Modified VP.  Your "Ash's" kills don't count (5pts)
  • Who Else Wants Some? - VP earned by "Ash" - highest wins (4pts)

Here's the setup.  My deff koptas turbo boosted then got shot out of the sky by the kroot.  It got bloodier from there.  After turn 6 there was 2 bikes, a stormboyz, and a Kroot Shaper running away.  Hightlights of the game include one of the Kroot units never running more than 4 inches for all 4 turns it was running - causing quite a bit of the damage while they were broken and sauntering away from the battle...

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    I think for my battle reports I need to write less like you lol.... takes so long 0_o