Sunday, April 26, 2009

First game down... Orkes Never Loose!

(Seriously, if dey win, dey win. If dey run away - dey fight again, and if dey die, dey dont know no betta! :) - I won this one, but not by much).

Played a 1500 point game against an eldar army today. My 1500 point list is the 2000 point list minus the nobz and a two deff koptas. He had 2 farseers, 2 kitted out dire avengers in bright lance wave serpents, banshees in a falcon, 3 scatter laser warwalkers, 6 jetbikes, and a wraith lord.

Highlights of the game:
  • 7 bikers opening up with their dakka guns on the wraithlord, putting two wounds on it. It going stupid next round and then taking a rokkit to the head
  • Wazdakka and a farseer duking it out for 3 turns of combat (panzee just wouldn't fail that save!)
  • me picking up a dooomed mob of biker boyz from the guided scatter lasers from the warwalkers
  • killing 4 banshees in the exploding wreck of the falcon as it tried to valiently park on an objective on his 5th turn (and then proceeding to charge the remaining 2 banshees, exarch, and farseer and wipe them out to no looses)

Mission was 5 objectives with 12" deployment. I almost didn't fit.... He went first. At the end of my turn 5 he had two dire avengers running away and a floating wreck of a wave serpent. I had Wazdakka, a nob from one bike mob, 2 boyz from another mob, 11 of the 12 'Ard Boyz, their trukk and the big mek.

Things to remember for later games:
  • I have to get used to the mobility. I've only been playing my Undead Eldar and Plague Marine lists for the last year or so... swift as the tyranid I must become again.
  • Shokk Attack gun is fun... nothing serious - don't count on it. It did some damage, but part of the issue was he was all buttoned up and I didn't have a lot of targets with it. I did "misfire" it once (rolled an 11 - becomes S10, only hit's the "model" under the center hole, can't fire next turn), but I did manage to centerhole the tank with it anyway.
  • Deff Kopta = Jetbike = ignore terrain while moving... (only the stoopid panzees get the extra move)

All and all, a fun and brutal list.

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