Friday, April 24, 2009

Skulz.. on a steeek.

Ok, I promise that's the last time I do a Jeff Dunham ("dot commmmmmmm") reference.

Last night I cut some brass rod, drilled some holes in three little plastic skulls and two helmets. What you see before you is the result of that work. Voila - wound counters for Nob Bikers.

We've got human skull, Space Marine helmet, Ork skull, Genestealer skull, Necron Warrior head, and the Dark Eldar Warrior helmet stickin' out the side there.


  1. You have HUMAN SKULLS!!! Achmed would be proud... (SILENCE! I KEEL YOU! -- sorry, had to do it.)

  2. God you two are obsessed and for the record... it's Jeff-f-f Dunham (dot coooom!). Good job, now paint them... and dance... at the same time! :P