Monday, April 20, 2009

Mob Markings, part 2

I started responding in the comments, then realized I had more to say...

I hereby declare any and all of my modeling ideas "open source," free to be used, stolen, borrowed, co-opted, altered, updated, liberated, pirated, or "freed from an oppressive regime" at any time. :) (Emperor knows I do it)

I found the shield embosses while I was digging through my "Misc Fantasy" bitz drawer looking for things to futz with for green stuff molding. It was another two days for the light bulb to come on and make the connection that I could use them for the squad markings instead of painting zags on the bases. Once the ballast is down, it's going to be a subtle squad mark, but once you (opponent) see it...

I'm trying to find enough ork/orc skulls to magnetize as my wound counters for the nobs. I've only found 2 so far, I might through in piles of human skulls. :)

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