Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I need more different types of skulls...

One genestelaer skull.. on a steeeek. This nob now hos one wound. :) Stick pops out for easy changeup.

Digging through my 40k bitz, I also turned up an old Ork skull (from the Black Templar boxes), a human skull (probably from Fantasy... but yea, it's a human skull), and a Necron Warrior head. Beakie hemlet makes 5. I need one more - if only for the sake of of completeness - what happends if all 6 of the nox have a wound on them?

More digging is required. But not tonite.


  1. I like the genestealer skull on a stick! The chaos marine boxed set has a few skulls and helmets on spiked sticks as well if you're looking for spare bits.

  2. There really should be more meats on sticks...

    Looks great! Nice and simple. Are you going to paint the skulls bone, or cover them with war paint?

  3. I'm not a gamer but your blog is rad!!