Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Scale?

I need to do a little cleaning of the green-stuff. and add some details. It's a terminator legs, thigh pads cut off, green stuff to fill in the back of the legs and thighs. Power Armor torso that's been expanded with plastic card and filled with green stuff, and then a fine layer of greenstuff on the torso to fill it out.



  1. Looking good so far, Trent.

    I like the way you've used the torso.

    Do you have a GW sculpting tool and some vaseline at all? If you form the basic shape you want (ie: the stage you're at now) and let it cure for 20 minutes/half an hour, stick some vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the end of the sculpting tool with no blade then gently run that in circles all over the surface of the green stuff, you'll end up with a much smoother finish.

    You also may wish to file down a bit on the right thigh as it looks a bit fat.

    Hope I don't come off as too critical... My sculpting skills are nothing to write home about...

  2. This is rockin. How are you going to paint him up?

  3. The thigh is one of those things you don't really notice till the picture - but I agree, need to slim it down a little bit.

    As for the paint scheme - not sure, I'm thinking Crimson Fists casue I like that scheme... but I might just wander through the codex still something jumps out at me.

  4. Oh, speaking of smoothing putty, the sculptor I know uses these.

    Paint shapers are silicone so just wet them a little and the putty doesn't stick to them. Makes it nice and smooth.

  5. I just found this from the grand-daddy of embiggerizing: