Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time Lapse

Through the magic of 19th century photography... I give you my afternoon project. :)

Not quite done - I don't think the ForgeWorld resin likes my superglue. Everything took forever to dry (and yes, I washed all the pieces yesterday - see the bowl in the background?). Oh well, it was a nice quite day(mostly) that involved lawn care, shopping, balancing the check book, paying bills, building and doing the dishes.

I'll do another set of time lapse from this point on when I get back to building Wazdakka - tomorow I'm hoping to get a game in with the army using the magic of "proxy"... well, most of the army atleast. Cut it down to 1500, pll the nobz and use one of them as Wazdakka. If it happens I'll post a result.


  1. Assuming you used some kind of kitchen grease cutting soap...

  2. I'm about worthless at getting superglue to stick to anything, more less resin. I use two part epoxy anywhere there is a joint large enough.