Monday, April 13, 2009

Greenstuff molds - aHa!

What we have here is definitely an "aha!" moment. Saturday night I mixed up some greenstuff and started grabbing some bitz I didn't really care about to see how the molding was going to work. Baby powder on the bit, green stuff and let sit. Sunday night, I mixed in some baby powder with the greenstuff to make it do that "I don't stick to anything" thing, added a little to the mold and filled. what you see there is the result of both of those things.

Lessons learned:
  • flat surface for the bottom of the mold is very handy
  • small things are good
  • have to mix the GS *really* good
  • mix the baby powder in after the greenstuff is mixed
look for more pictures as I figure out what to do with this thing. Oh, and if you haven't voted on the chapter, please do.


  1. So what was the biggest aha moment? I love the baby powder in the greenstuff, that's brilliant.

    I voted for Dark Angels from work, Lil voted for Blood Ravens from home. (She's seen Dawn of War II and liked them.)

    I'm looking forward to your progress on this guy. He's just as good as the WIP's that I've followed on DakkaDakka.

  2. Good tip, with the baby powder and the GS molds. I'll have to do that for icons and stuff in the future. I might find it useful for adorning terrain pieces with cheaply-made icons from this idea!

  3. Nice job, I'm yet to try GS modeling but you've got me itching to do it... ever that or I've got fleas

  4. I never heard the baby powded trick.
    There ar a couple tutorials in the FTW archive about making molds and using GS to do this kind of thing if you're interested.

    It looks like a success on top of an "ahaaa!" moment too.

  5. @RC - the baby powder was the aha, I noticed that is also has a nice smoothing effect on the green stuff.

    @Peter - It's the fleas. :)

    @Ron - the tutorial RC found for me talked about using corn flour, baby powder was the only thing I had that was similar.

    From the looks of the voting, I may be needing a tutorial on painting yellow... :)